BBC h2g2 16/Sept/1999

The BBC's h2g2 website is billed as "Earth Edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!". Naturally, one of its pages is about me, me, me. It starts off with the lines;

Every now and then something comes along which makes you think "Ah! That's what
the Internet is for!" Mike Corley is one such case.

The page itself can be found at

The user comments linked from h2g2 are less than respectful, but given the point of view my website promulgates that is understandable. It's true that without the communications ability afforded by the internet, which came along at just the right time, my complaints would be getting nowhere. But that's a two edged sword also; miniature cameras only appeared around 1990, so the advantage of technology is up to the adopter. Secret service intrigues, and on the other side of the coin human paranoia, have both been going on for centuries; what changes now is an increased technologisation of both sides.