Lobster magazine, Winter/2005 issue

I subscribe to Lobster magazine which deals partly with intelligence and security matters. In late 2005 I wrote to Robin Ramsay, the editor, with a summary of my complaint vs MI5 and evidence of their having tried to kill me in November/2001.
Lobster magazine
Mr Ramsay regarded my material as delusional and briefly mentions it in the Tailpiece of the subsequent issue of Lobster magazine. Regarding his questions, I told him that I believe the persecution to have been instigated by people at Cambridge where I had studied, because the events started while I was completing an MSc course at Imperial College the following year. As to the question of why BBC and ITN newscasters would watch me through the TV set, I told Mr Ramsay that according to Mr Kennedy (Liberty's client, mentioned in previous Lobsters) there is a recognised method of slipping items into news broadcasts targeted at particular individuals to "wind them up" and make them feel vulnerable.

Mr Ramsay unfortunately and irrationally :-) continued to deny any possibility of my claims being true.