Faxes Sent to Parliament 2007

During Feb/March 2007 I successfully sent 1860 faxes to Parliament containing articles about the MI5 persecution. This attracted the attention of the "Fixated Threat Assessment Centre" of the Metropolitan Police, and on 14 March 2007 I met Mr Forfar and Detective Constable Mark Whittle for an interview. I told them I would cease sending further faxes. Whittle said he had an MI5 contact who assured him that MI5 was not, nor had been, undertaking actions against me, and I have no file with them. I did not believe him and told him so. Later I asked Forfar to arrange a meeting with his MI5 contact to resolve our differences, and he refused.

In the records is listed the fax number sent to, the count of successful fax transmissions, the count of failed fax transmissions, and the name of the Parliamentary recipient.

72190976,4,1,Sir Peter Tapsell
72190983,0,5,Sir Peter Soulsby
72194866,4,1,Rt Hon Richard Caborn
72192705,0,5,Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt
72193640,0,5,Rt Hon Margaret Hodge
72195952,4,1,Rt Hon Kevin Barron
72194880,4,1,Rt Hon Jane Kennedy
72192639,0,5,Rt Hon Hilary Benn
72190949,0,5,Rt Hon Hazel Blears
72192276,0,5,Rt Hon Dawn Primarolo
72193890,0,5,Rt Hon Alan Beith
72192347,4,1,Mr Nigel Dodds
72193047,5,5,Mr Ian Cawsey
72190209,0,5,Ms Natascha Engel
72196107,1,9,Ms Michelle Gildernew
72193664,4,1,Ms Karen Buck
72192381,0,5,Ms Julia Goldsworthy
72192115,0,5,Ms Helen Southworth
72190977,2,3,Ms Geraldine Smith
72195955,2,3,Ms Emily Thornberry
72196876,4,1,Ms Dari Taylor
72194298,2,3,Ms Celia Barlow
72193847,0,5,Ms Barbara Keeley
72190770,3,2,Ms Ann Coffey
72190926,3,2,Ms Angela E Smith
72192544,2,3,Mrs Rosemary McKenna
72191797,0,5,Mrs Iris Robinson
72192759,2,3,Mrs Betty Williams
72191957,2,3,Mrs Angela Watkinson
72190938,0,5,Mr Vernon Coaker
72196496,0,5,Mr Tobias Ellwood
72195275,1,4,Mr Terry Rooney
72191049,0,5,Mr Stephen Williams
72190922,2,3,Mr Russell Brown
72194358,0,5,Mr Ronnie Campbell
72196828,2,3,Mr Roger Gale
72195400,2,3,Mr Robert Flello
72190667,0,5,Mr Philip Davies
72190971,2,3,Mr Phil Willis
72192545,0,5,Mr Paul Clark
72190974,2,3,Mr Paul Burstow
72191963,2,3,Mr Norman Lamb
72190260,1,4,Mr Nick Clegg
72191468,0,5,Mr Neil Turner
72195015,0,5,Mr Michael Clapham
72193415,2,3,Mr Martin Horwood
72192389,0,5,Mr Mark Oaten
72195220,4,1,Mr Mark Hendrick
72192110,0,5,Mr Ken Purchase
72192522,9,1,Mr Brooks Newmark
72190939,2,3,Mr John Smith
72192829,0,5,Mr John Maples
72190442,4,1,Mr John Leech
72192969,3,2,Mr John Heppell
72195657,0,5,Mr Jim Murphy
72194812,2,3,Mr Jim McGovern
72192686,0,5,Mr Jim Dowd
72190696,0,5,Mr Jeffrey Donaldson
72194993,4,1,Mr James Plaskitt
72191163,1,4,Mr James Gray
72190903,4,1,Mr Ian Stewart
72190390,1,4,Mr Ian Pearson
72194488,2,3,Mr Ian Austin
72190134,3,2,Mr Huw Irranca-Davies
72191742,0,5,Mr Gregory Barker
72196948,0,5,Mr Graham Stuart
72192691,0,5,Mr Gordon Prentice
72191198,3,2,Mr Gerald Howarth
72190682,0,5,Mr Frank Doran
72194945,0,5,Mr Fabian Hamilton
72194153,0,5,Mr Eddie McGrady
72192718,3,2,Mr Ed Vaizey
72194992,0,5,Mr Douglas Carswell
72190901,1,4,Mr Desmond Swayne
72191979,2,3,Mr David Wright
72191738,4,1,Mr David Heyes
72193606,0,5,Mr David Hamilton
72190910,3,2,Mr David Drew
72193713,2,3,Mr David Crausby
72190328,2,3,Mr David Clelland
72193373,3,2,Mr Crispin Blunt
72195901,2,3,Mr Ben Wallace
72192304,1,4,Mr Anthony David Wright
72191740,0,5,Mr Alistair Burt
72193006,0,5,Mr Alan Campbell
72191202,4,1,Mr Adrian Bailey
72191191,2,3,Dr Vincent Cable
72192665,4,1,Dr Tony Wayland Wright
72198018,0,5,Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods
72191860,0,5,Dr Nick Palmer
72191734,4,1,Dr Hywel Francis
72196820,3,2,Dr Howard Stoate
72192832,4,1,Dr Alasdair McDonnell
72195906,5,0,Rt Hon John Gummer
72190473,5,0,Mrs Laura Moffatt
72192557,5,0,Mrs Angela Browning
72196379,4,1,Mr Michael John Foster
72194952,5,0,Mr Edward O'Hara
72192495,5,0,Mr Barry Gardiner
72192653,5,0,Dr Brian Iddon
72194873,5,0,Sir Stuart Bell
72194526,5,0,Sir Robert Smith
72196805,5,0,Sir Patrick Cormack
72196886,5,0,Sir Nicholas Winterton
72192991,5,0,Sir Michael Spicer
72196094,5,0,Rt Hon Tom Clarke
72191145,5,0,Rt Hon Theresa May
72192702,5,0,Rt Hon Tessa Jowell
72195838,5,0,Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell
72195041,5,0,Rt Hon Stephen Byers
72190559,5,0,Rt Hon Sir Menzies Campbell
72194213,5,0,Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind
72196825,5,0,Rt Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman
72192566,5,0,Rt Hon Sir George Young
72195600,5,0,Rt Hon Sir Alan Haselhurst
72192211,5,0,Rt Hon Ruth Kelly
72193840,5,0,Rt Hon Peter Lilley
72193816,5,0,Rt Hon Peter Hain
72194405,5,0,Rt Hon Oliver Letwin
72192619,5,0,Rt Hon Nick Raynsford
72195941,5,0,Rt Hon Nick Brown
72195945,5,0,Rt Hon Michael Meacher
72194884,5,0,Rt Hon Michael Mates
72196901,5,0,Rt Hon Michael Martin
72190360,5,0,Rt Hon Michael Howard
72192528,5,0,Rt Hon Michael Ancram
72194780,5,0,Rt Hon Margaret Beckett
72194841,5,0,Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke
72192565,5,0,Rt Hon Keith Hill
72190377,5,0,Rt Hon John Redwood
79256996,5,0,Rt Hon Jacqui Smith
72192771,10,0,Rt Hon Ian McCartney
72194877,5,0,Rt Hon Harriet Harman
72195734,2,3,Rt Hon Gordon Brown
72190495,1,4,Rt Hon George Howarth
72192428,5,0,Rt Hon Geoffrey Hoon
72195815,5,0,Rt Hon Gavin Strang
72190601,5,0,Rt Hon Frank Field
72196956,5,0,Rt Hon Frank Dobson
72192990,5,0,Rt Hon Francis Maude
72192688,5,0,Rt Hon David Maclean
72195860,5,0,Rt Hon David Davis
72191506,4,1,Rt Hon David Cameron
72195903,5,0,Rt Hon David Blunkett
72192586,5,0,Rt Hon Clare Short
72194881,5,0,Rt Hon Charles Kennedy
72190526,5,0,Rt Hon Charles Clarke
72193823,5,0,Rt Hon Bruce George
72192889,5,0,Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth
72192413,5,0,Rt Hon Ann Widdecombe
72195943,5,0,Rt Hon Ann Clwyd
72190046,5,0,Rt Hon Andrew Mackay
72195930,5,0,Rt Hon Alun Michael
72196943,5,0,Rt Hon Alan Williams
72195856,10,0,Rt Hon Alan Johnson
72195854,9,1,Rev Ian Paisley
72191790,5,0,Ms Vera Baird
72194550,5,0,Ms Theresa Villiers
72190986,5,0,Ms Siobhain McDonagh
72190958,3,2,Ms Siān James
72190864,5,0,Ms Sarah  McCarthy-Fry
72192642,5,0,Ms Sally Keeble
72194581,5,0,Ms Rosie Winterton
72191793,5,0,Ms Meg Munn
72198768,5,0,Ms Meg Hillier
72191157,5,0,Ms Maria Eagle
72192898,5,0,Ms Lynda Waltho
72194837,5,0,Ms Liz Blackman
72191513,5,0,Ms Linda Riordan
72198105,5,0,Ms Kerry McCarthy
72192906,5,0,Ms Kali Mountford
72195000,5,0,Ms Justine Greening
72190991,5,0,Ms Judy Mallaber
72194397,5,0,Ms Joan Walley
72192335,5,0,Ms Joan Ryan
72196045,2,3,Ms Joan Ruddock
72196196,5,0,Ms Jessica Morden
72192148,5,0,Ms Janet Anderson
72192112,4,1,Ms Glenda Jackson
72190489,5,0,Ms Gillian Merron
72194519,5,0,Ms Dawn Butler
72190468,5,0,Ms Claire Ward
72192769,5,0,Ms Christine McCafferty
72191277,5,0,Ms Caroline Flint
72195581,5,0,Ms Bridget Prentice
72191158,5,0,Ms Barbara Follett
72196556,5,0,Ms Anne Snelgrove
72195239,5,0,Ms Anne Milton
72191770,5,0,Ms Ann McKechin
72192233,5,0,Ms Ann Keen
72198598,4,1,Ms Angela C Smith
72190883,5,0,Ms Alison Seabeck
72190956,5,0,Mrs Sylvia Heal
72192324,5,0,Mrs Sandra Gidley
72195722,4,1,Mrs Maria Miller
72192592,5,0,Mrs Louise Ellman
72190987,3,2,Mrs Linda Gilroy
72190960,5,0,Mrs Julie Morgan
72192755,5,0,Mrs Joan Humble
72193010,5,0,Mrs Janet Dean
72190980,5,0,Mrs Eleanor Laing
72192762,4,1,Mrs Cheryl Gillan
72190378,5,0,Mrs Caroline Spelman
72191898,5,0,Mrs Annette Brooke
72191760,5,0,Mrs Anne Moffat
72192503,5,0,Mrs Anne McGuire
72193935,5,0,Mr William Cash
72191751,5,0,Mr Wayne David
72192417,5,0,Mr Tony McNulty
72192585,5,0,Mr Tony Lloyd
72191947,5,0,Mr Tony Cunningham
72195826,5,0,Mr Tony Baldry
72191943,10,0,Mr Mark Tami
72191769,5,0,Mr Tom Harris
72196491,5,0,Mr Tom Brake
72194919,5,0,Mr Timothy Boswell
72194857,5,0,Mr Tim Yeo
72190461,5,0,Mr Tim Loughton
72192810,3,2,Mr Tim Farron
72195169,5,0,Mr Stewart Jackson
72190367,5,0,Mr Steve McCabe
72192949,5,0,Mr Stephen Timms
72195982,5,0,Mr Stephen Pound
72190584,5,0,Mr Stephen O'Brien
72194953,5,0,Mr Stephen Hesford
72190462,5,0,Mr Stephen Hammond
72196567,5,0,Mr Simon Hughes
72191183,5,0,Mr Shailesh Vara
72196477,5,0,Mr Sadiq Khan
72191747,5,0,Mr Roger Williams
72196187,5,0,Mr Robert Wareing
72192608,5,0,Mr Robert Walter
72196867,5,0,Mr Robert Syms
72192933,5,0,Mr Robert Marshall-Andrews
72194865,10,0,Mr Eric Illsley
72190083,5,0,Mr Richard Shepherd
72192256,4,1,Mr Richard Ottaway
72192170,5,0,Mr Richard Burden
72198319,0,5,Mr Richard Benyon
72195699,5,0,Mr Piara Khabra
72195851,5,0,Mr Philip Hammond
72190788,5,0,Mr Philip Dunne
72190992,5,0,Mr Phil Woolas
72192964,5,0,Mr Phil Hope
72193985,5,0,Mr Peter Viggers
72192356,5,0,Mr Peter Kilfoyle
72191212,5,0,Mr Peter Bottomley
72192775,5,0,Mr Peter Atkinson
72192527,5,0,Mr Peter Ainsworth
72192252,5,0,Mr Paul Truswell
72191184,5,0,Mr Paul Keetch
72191754,5,0,Mr Paul Holmes
72194614,5,0,Mr Paul Goodman
72192433,5,0,Mr Paul Flynn
72191986,5,0,Mr Paul Farrelly
72191961,5,0,Mr Patrick Mercer
72193987,5,0,Mr Patrick Hall
72195665,5,0,Mr Pat McFadden
72193641,5,0,Mr Paddy Tipping
72193955,5,0,Mr Owen Paterson
72194478,5,0,Mr Oliver Heald
72190445,5,0,Mr Norman Baker
72192561,5,0,Mr Nigel Waterson
72191295,5,0,Mr Nick Herbert
72192683,5,0,Mr Nick Harvey
72192690,5,0,Mr Nick Ainger
72194899,5,0,Mr Neil Gerrard
72195898,5,0,Mr Mohammad Sarwar
72191746,10,0,Mr Mark Simmonds
72194759,10,0,Mr David Gauke
72190978,4,1,Mr Mike Gapes
72190911,5,0,Mr Michael Wills
72190263,4,1,Mr Michael Moore
72191393,5,0,Mr Michael Jabez Foster
72194829,5,0,Mr Michael Gove
72196791,5,0,Mr Michael Fallon
72194903,5,0,Mr Matthew Taylor
72192749,5,0,Mr Martin Salter
72195728,5,0,Mr Martin Linton
72190965,5,0,Mr Marsha Singh
72194935,5,0,Mr Mark Todd
72195969,5,0,Mr Mark Pritchard
72193826,5,0,Mr Mark Prisk
72191709,5,0,Mr Mark Hoban
72190937,5,0,Mr Mark Harper
72191858,5,0,Mr Mark Francois
72194894,5,0,Mr Mark Fisher
72191980,5,0,Mr Mark Field
72192795,5,0,Mr Malcolm Wicks
72192334,5,0,Mr Malcolm Bruce
72191431,5,0,Mr Liam Byrne
72190970,5,0,Mr Lee Scott
72192325,5,0,Mr Laurence Robertson
72191745,4,1,Mr Khalid Mahmood
72191753,5,0,Mr Kevin Brennan
72191759,5,0,Mr Kevan Jones
72190957,5,0,Mr Kelvin Hopkins
72193922,5,0,Mr Keith Vaz
72190975,5,0,Mr Keith Simpson
72190643,5,0,Mr Julian Brazier
72192133,2,3,Mr Jon Trickett
72192590,5,0,Mr John Randall
72196141,5,0,Mr John McFall
72195965,5,0,Mr John Mann
72190779,5,0,Mr John MacDougall
72193806,5,0,Mr John Horam
72192273,5,0,Mr John Hayes
72192676,5,0,Mr John Grogan
72196059,5,0,Mr John Greenway
72192340,5,0,Mr John Barrett
72191743,5,0,Mr John Baron
72192706,5,0,Mr John Austin
72193895,5,0,Mr Joe Benton
72195872,5,0,Mr Jimmy Hood
72193804,5,0,Mr Jim Paice
72191976,5,0,Mr Jim Knight
72192776,4,1,Mr Jim Fitzpatrick
72192696,5,0,Mr Jim Dobbin
72196290,5,0,Mr Jim Cousins
72190024,5,0,Mr Jeremy Wright
72192328,4,1,Mr Jeremy Corbyn
72192728,3,2,Mr Jeffrey Ennis
72194870,5,0,Mr Jamie Reed
72193888,5,0,Mr James Duddridge
72194907,5,0,Mr James Cunningham
72190514,5,0,Mr James Clappison
72196866,10,0,Mr Ivan Lewis
72195492,5,0,Mr Ian Taylor
72191948,5,0,Mr Ian Lucas
72192238,5,0,Mr Ian Davidson
72193705,10,0,Mr Adam Price
72191895,5,0,Mr Hugo Swire
72191765,5,0,Mr Hugh Robertson
72190346,5,0,Mr Hugh Bayley
72192844,5,0,Mr Henry Bellingham
72192510,3,2,Mr Gregory Mulholland
72190685,5,0,Mr Greg Pope
72195245,5,0,Mr Greg Clark
72190659,5,0,Mr Grant Shapps
72191649,5,0,Mr Graham Brady
72195859,5,0,Mr Gordon Marsden
72198693,5,0,Mr Gordon Banks
72191227,5,0,Mr Gerry Sutcliffe
72196372,5,0,Mr George Osborne
72192879,5,0,Mr George Galloway
72192414,5,0,Mr Gary Streeter
72191154,5,0,Mr Gareth Thomas
72192536,5,0,Mr Fraser Kemp
72194303,5,0,Mr Frank Cook
72192783,5,0,Mr Eric Pickles
72196898,5,0,Mr Eric Martlew
72192090,5,0,Mr Eric Joyce
72192633,5,0,Mr Elfyn Llwyd
72194883,4,1,Mr Edward Leigh
72192875,5,0,Mr Edward Garnier
72190250,5,0,Mr Edward Davey
72192070,5,0,Mr Don Touhig
72192695,5,0,Mr Don Foster
72194803,5,0,Mr Dominic Grieve
72195520,5,0,Mr Derek Wyatt
72193642,5,0,Mr Derek Twigg
72190028,5,0,Mr Dennis Skinner
72190913,5,0,Mr David Watts
72193998,5,0,Mr David Ruffley
72190936,5,0,Mr David Mundell
72192564,5,0,Mr David Lidington
72195814,5,0,Mr David Lepper
72198188,5,0,Mr David Laws
72190357,5,0,Mr David Lammy
72190919,5,0,Mr David Kidney
72195939,5,0,Mr David Heath
72192671,5,0,Mr David Hanson
72192163,5,0,Mr David Evennett
72190952,5,0,Mr David Chaytor
72191772,5,0,Mr David Cairns
72194126,5,0,Mr David Borrow
72192245,5,0,Mr David Amess
72191438,5,0,Mr Danny Alexander
72190904,5,0,Mr Damian Green
72191449,5,0,Mr Dai Havard
72195905,5,0,Mr Colin Breed
72192289,5,0,Mr Clive Betts
72196938,5,0,Mr Christopher Chope
72190214,5,0,Mr Chris Huhne
72191763,1,4,Mr Chris Grayling
72190505,5,0,Mr Charles Walker
72191977,5,0,Mr Charles Hendry
72195388,5,0,Mr Brian Donohoe
72191885,1,4,Mr Boris Johnson
72192329,5,0,Mr Bob Laxton
72193980,5,0,Mr Bob Blizzard
72191893,5,0,Mr Bill Wiggin
72192804,5,0,Mr Bill Rammell
72191179,5,0,Mr Ben Chapman
72190950,5,0,Mr Ben Bradshaw
72192404,5,0,Mr Barry Sheerman
72194843,5,0,Mr Austin Mitchell
72196586,5,0,Mr Anthony Steen
72191781,5,0,Mr Angus Robertson
72196111,5,0,Mr Angus MacNeil
72196775,5,0,Mr Andy Slaughter
72194381,5,0,Mr Andy Burnham
72190625,5,0,Mr Andrew Tyrie
72190096,5,0,Mr Andrew Robathan
72192405,5,0,Mr Andrew Reed
72190349,5,0,Mr Andrew Pelling
72191981,4,1,Mr Andrew Mitchell
72192539,5,0,Mr Andrew Mackinlay
72196623,5,0,Mr Andrew Love
72196835,5,0,Mr Andrew Lansley
72195572,5,0,Mr Andrew George
72191279,5,0,Mr Andrew Dismore
72191787,5,0,Mr Alistair Carmichael
72191951,5,0,Mr Albert Owen
72194657,5,0,Mr Alan Simpson
72191737,5,0,Mr Alan Reid
72190985,5,0,Mr Alan Keen
72193963,5,0,Mr Adrian Sanders
72195985,5,0,Miss Kate Hoey
72190972,5,0,Miss Anne McIntosh
72191264,3,2,Miss Anne Begg
72191969,5,0,Lady Sylvia Hermon
72193831,4,1,Hon Lindsay Hoyle
72196839,5,0,Dr Stephen Ladyman
72190565,5,0,Dr Rudi Vis
72192205,5,0,Dr Roger Berry
72191967,5,0,Dr Richard Taylor
72196865,5,0,Dr Phyllis Starkey
72195526,5,0,Dr Kim Howells
72192799,5,0,Dr Ian Gibson
72192346,5,0,Dr Evan Harris
72192602,5,0,Dr Doug Naysmith
72190264,5,0,Dr Des Turner
72191944,5,0,Dr Andrew Murrison
72190918,5,0,Dr Alan Whitehead

No faxes were sent after March 2007.

Later FTAC tried to obtain my NHS medical records. They lied to my doctor that I had sent 40,000 faxes to Parliament whereas the real number is only 24,272 over ten years which is way below the police figure. They did not obtain my medical records. It is disappointing that they chose to lie on this figure and that they chose to lie that I had no MI5 file when MI5 themselves have admitted I have a file with them. Mendacity seems part of police procedure.

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