Introduction to Received Faxes from Media webpages

In response to the numerous faxed articles sent to the UK media, twenty responses were received on my fax number, of which I publish 18 on this part of the website. The table-of-contents frame lists each fax by filename, date received, and organisation making the response.

In some cases, the recipients request further information regarding the article they had received, and in a number of cases they request that the transmissions cease, a request I always complied with. All the responses are from 1998, although I was sending articles right up to April/2000.

To read these faxes in Windows you may need a TIFF viewer such as alternatiff or Cartesian Products viewer. Two of these received fax TIFF files (7177092 and 8710214) cannot be viewed in either of these viewers because they use incompatible TIFF coding (LZW), but you can download these to your local disk and view them with a graphics file viewer.