Harassment in 1990

The only item I have for 1990 refers to Jonathan Ross who knows about the MI5 persecution and has taken part in it early on.

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>Sitting in the living room the other night, I noticed my sister's foam
>rubber big toe protector sitting on the whatnot beside me, so I put it
>on my nose and pretended to be a really cheap clown. Minutes of fun.
>What's the strangest thing you've ever done while alone?

I used to talk to people on the telly, and they talked back. We had some very interesting conversations. I had that Jonathan Ross in my sitting room once, about ten years ago. On one channel he was recorded, "w"-ing his "r"s, as he did. I said something about Mr Woss, and switched to another channel, where he was live. So he heard me and started deliberately "w"ing his "r"s with heavy irony.

They've got interactive TV for the proletariat now, but here in Clapham South we're ahead of the pack by a good decade.

Needless to say it is wrong for a TV presenter to pick on a viewer in this way. But since Mr Ross can expect to never be caught, these matters of right and wrong apparently have no relevance.