Harassment in 1992

The sole item for 1992 is part of an email I sent to a friend about another friend Stuart Pullen, who knew what was going on but would not admit it openly, and effectively turned traitor against me.

The real reason I can't work is because I get attacked at work. People repeat what I've been saying at home, verbatim... this happened in all three jobs I've had since leaving university.... it's quite obvious there is an organised effort going on, it is still going on now even though I've been out of a job for two years.

Somehow we never seem to talk about this, perhaps because you don't find it interesting. Stuart found it interesting enough in 1992 to repeat stuff verbatim too... "he looks at cars' back number-plates".."men looking into your house with long lenses".... but he seems to have given up these last few years.

This is MI5's power, to turn your friends against you.