Harassment in 1995

I travelled on two KLM flights from Ottawa via Halifax NS to Amsterdam, onward to London. The first was 21/12/94 Wed 16.40 ott -> 07.20. The second was Easter 1995, KL676 12/4/95 Wed 16.05 ott -> 07.05 ams.

On one of these flights also travelled the MI5 agent calling himself Alan Holdsworth or similar. During the flight I walked along the length of the aircraft and he stared at me aggressively and said something to his sidekick, a small black haired man.

Subsequently I tried to obtain passenger lists for the flight, so as to identify these two men. I spoke to a Dutch private investigator who told me the passenger lists were stored under lock and key, and even the police would need a court order to get them.

In 2001 I had a crack at KLM in the UK, but got nowhere. I was told by a lawyer that KLM had no obligation to give the identities of its passengers and could not be forced to do so. There had been no incident under the Warsaw Convention, nor any physical injury. In any case there was a 2 year limitation period on injuries suffered under the Warsaw Convention, and by 2001 KLM had discarded passenger information for the flights in 1994/95.