Harassment in 1996

On 2 November 1996 I went to the Civic Hospital in Ottawa regarding an infection. Another patient was placed ahead of me in the queue. When his turn came to be seen by emergency doctor J.Worthington, the man loudly declared his name to be "Tad", which is the name I am usually known by. Dr Worthington looked at the chart and remarked "but your name is Alan Holdsworth" or similar, I cannot be sure of the surname because I did not hear it accurately. The man looked abashed.

Because I did not hear the name accurately I wrote to Dr Worthington a few days later requesting the man's name, which he refused to supply.

It is a pity that I did not take any action at the time, because "Holdsworth" was the head persecutor and organised it, but my mind was on my infection rather than on MI5 agents following me into the hospital to abuse me.