Harassment in 1997

Here are a few incidents of harassment from 1997.

returning home on the Circle/District line (?) around April 1997, two black women on the tube, "she a whore, she should commit suicide"

I believe these women were planted on the tube train to abuse me. The incident shows clearly that it is my self extinction which MI5 seek.

in September 1997, returning from day-trip to Brighton with my mother, two black men "kurwa" in Englewood Road. I think this was a setup and they were paid to say it.

There was also an incident from our Chinese neighbours.

25 Dec 1997, Christmas Day, in my room at top of 45 Englewood, two/three Chinese neighbours talking to each other or on phone, "something wrong with it"

Even over Christmas period they were abusing me;

evening of 26 Dec 1997, Clapham South tube station, group of blacks, female black "he's a prostitute/pervert"

The pattern of people shouting at me humiliating words and phrases in public was established over many years.