Harassment in 1998

Here are a few incidents of harassment from 1998.

>>>Do you mean words of abuse directed at you? Or referring to you by name? Or are you making assumptions about innocent remarks. For example, in your long message to me (and to others I believe) a while back you mentioned Jeremy Paxman saying something about "the watching" I didn't understand why you thought it referred to you<<<

In a couple of occasions they have used my name; once in the west end on Shaftesbury Avenue, once some kids in Stockwell. Most of the time they seem to have avoided using my name directly though, it's always "this bloke" or "he".

What makes me see a link is that they've used the same terms of abuse at a particular time. Those terms have changed at various times, generally they've got worse. If you get called X in Europe, and the same word in England, and the same word in Canada, and X is an unusual term of abuse, you have to see a connection.

What I should have done before was to carry a recorder and a camera (or video camera) around with me. With that, either I would have had evidence, or "they" would have stopped. But now I am left without evidence, because it didn't occur to me to carry recording apparatus, and nobody else unfortunately advised me to do so.

Here are some further instances;

2/feb/98 POSK Ravenscourt Park, three middle-aged men, "prostytut" to which the other replied "jednak jestes swinia" (nevertheless you're a swine) to the first man for having said that.

saturday 13/6/98 BA flight to Berlin Tegel with my mother, two black women seated a couple of rows behind (30D,E? check boarding pass, it's noted on that), the usual verbal abuse, "paranoid"; see minidisc recording

saturday 27/6/98 BA flight from Tegel back to Heathrow, nothing; but on tube journey back to Clapham, a white kid shouted "whore" loudly

thursday 2/july/98, went to Travel Cuts 295a Regent Street to collect AC ticket to Ottawa, coloured woman "fucking shitload of phone calls", white woman at European counter "paranoid"

Here is a post I made to Compuserve on monday july 14, 1997;

At each stage they have tried to pretend that I am something out of the ordinary. Either I was very stupid ("he's an idiot") or very clever ("he's like a genius"). Either I was a threat to Western civilization (Levin once referred to me as the next Hitler) or I was completely defenceless ("a soft toy").

Now, it should be obvious to any person with common-sense that I am not out of the ordinary in any way. I have an IQ which is average for the Web, I am racially white European, and there are plenty of other people with schizophrenia or epilepsy out there who haven't been targeted for MI5 attention, so why me?

I think the answer is that the MI5 agents who harass me have cynically exploited the situation by painting me as extraordinary in order to assure themselves of well-paid employment funded by the ordinary British taxpayer. To put it bluntly, they are stealing millions of pounds from the taxpayer to feed their own pockets.

This assertion is supported by the observation that it's the same agents who are doing the harassment. Six months ago in a local hospital I was harassed by someone whose face I had seen (he had stared straight at me aggressively, at the time I just thought it was some nutter but it turns out he was one of "them") aboard a KLM flight a couple of years ago. It's presumably been the same people most of the time. I've seen the way contractors act when they don't want their positions terminated. Would these agents really want to lose their well-paid employment harassing me? Presumably they are promising their bosses a "breakthrough" (ie my demise) real-soon-now and have been for the last seven years, while all the while these MI5 agents skim millions off the taxpayer.

I wouldn't mind a job like that. Perhaps if I persecute myself a little bit, like standing in front of a mirror and shouting mindless obscenities, do you reckon I'd get a slice of the cake? I mean, I'd be lowering my morale wouldn't I, so wouldn't that qualify for some of that lovely taxpayer's loot?

Here is a note on saturday 25/7/98.

flew Air Canada from Ottawa to London LHR on Tues 21 July 1998, arriving Wed 22 July morning

at Ottawa Airport, in central area with tables and chairs, was the "Alan holdsworth" person, dressed very warmly in woolly cap and coat, dressed like a vagrant, presumably pretending to be a loony.