Harassment in 1999

Here are a few incidents of harassment from March 1999.

on Sunday 14/3/1999, I went for a Chinese meal with Jim, Stuart and Julian, in Chinatown, west-end. Walking from pub to restaurant took approx 7 minutes. See minidisc recording (track #2). About 2 minutes before we arrived at restaurant, on Gerrard St (?), group of three or four people, one man shouted "wh.,wh." at me. Woman in group replied something about "dangerous for us", presumably she thought I might attack them. Spoke to Julian on phone following Tuesday, he said he'd heard nothing. Minidisc mic was being carried inside coat, so not very clear.


monday 15/3/99, two incidents.... first in Clapham Junction on main thoroughfare, young black female ran after me & mother, sat down where we would be walking, and shouted at her friend, "you stupid arsey"

second incident: clapham common near pond on way home, two men near hot-dog vans, "wh.,wh.", wasn't carrying minidisc at the time

no incidents on tue/wed

thu eve: watching C4 news, live broadcast from northern ireland, instantaneous response, then when started recording, instantaneous cessation of response =======================================================================

Here are a few more incidents of harassment from March 1999.

saturday 27/3/99, argument between Pecks, father and son Mikey, Mikey was shouting abuse through the wall so his father shouted at him and Mikey left the house

monday, abuse on radio, Virgin, also at Battersea library two girls "something wrong with him"

In March I was contacted by the Computer Crime unit at Charing Cross Police Station regarding a large number of emails I had sent quoting Chris Tarrant's email as the return address. The emails said "you know this bloke, he says we're trying to kill him, we should be arrested for attempted manslaughter" which is what Tarrant had said in 1994. There is also an entry in the complaint part of this website containing clips of the phone conversation.

Police Computer Crime Unit
Detective Sergeant Mark Richards, Charing Cross Police Station

he phoned approx 2.30pm Wednesday 10/3/1999, asked for Tadeusz Szocik
I asked if he was accusing me of any illegal actions, he said no, providing it "didn't get to that stage"

I said I wouldn't send any more emails. He said it would be up to my local police station to pursue matter of BA passenger list. I told him I had visited Clapham police station (Union Rd/Grove) in 1995

presumably this means I will have yet another entry in PNC

wrote Richards a letter CXP1603.WRI on 16/3/99

spoke to Richards Tuesday 30/3/99, 0171-321-8215, recorded on minidisc

In June 1999 I was planning on going to Canada in two months time, and this was reflected in MI5's abuse as follows.

yesterday (8/6/99) in pub in Clapham North, youth and girl were talking about me "two months".... ie 2 months to Aug 5th
didn't keep recording of what they said

in the evening, phoned Samaritans and SANE-line

In August 1999 I went to Toronto again, with MI5 chasing me as usual.

From: bu765@torfree.net (Mike Corley)
Subject: the MI5 wankers are for life, not just for christmas
Message-ID: <FGKnC0.HF1.0.bloor@torfree.net>
Organization: Toronto Free-Net

after ten days of chasing from hotel to hotel, they have finally caught up with me at the current rather bottom-end residence. yesterday (15/8/99) I heard two other inmates talking about me, "something wrong with it" and "he's childish". You will recognise the latter from Anthony's ramblings of a couple of years ago when he too was calling me "childish" on the instructions presumably of his "mi5 man".

so this is what we have. the MI5 wankers have followed me here to Canada and tracked me down. the MI5 wankers, like the Christmas pooch that no-one wants, are intent on stinking up my life, and they won't go away or allow me to escape them.

being pursued by MI5 is like having some deeply unpleasant disease that just won't go away. there's no recourse against this disease, because nobody will ever admit it even exists - it must after all be purely my imagination, mustn't it?

wherever I go, these MI5 wankers pursue their fantasies about "getting" me. And what peculiar fantasies they are, too. We followed him, we spied on him, we bugged his room and his phone..... and WE SHOUTED RUDE WORDS AT HIM!! This is what British Intelligence fixates on in the 1990s? Perhaps it is they to whom the label of childishness better attaches itself.