Harassment in 2000

Here are a few incidents of harassment from Jan/Feb 2000.

writing this on 23/Jan/2000 in Miami Beach

---> there has been almost nothing since the end of August 1999 <---

when I got into Miami at end of August 1999, there were two incidents first was at Tudor Hotel on MB (South Beach), group of four/five black girls one of them was talking sympathetically about me, "he's in US for the first time, perhaps it's just that and not that there's something wrong with him"

then Clarion (next to Hyatt Regency) in downtown, oldish American man with his family, his women relatives were saying something about "perhaps he was sexually abused as a child", to which he answered, "they've been abusing him", here "they"==persecutors

Further two incidents at Renter's Paradise on (67th st?) & Collins in MB I phoned them from the Clarion, and MI5 got there before I did Cuban girl, when I said I might want to find a job, "he'll kill us all" she was very much "for" me though and said she would do "anything" to help me, "nearest denny's", sexual undertone

second visit, she again went to the back of the office and said loudly, "lying" referring to what MI5 had told her about me, they'd said I'd lied to INS on entry. She wouldn't look at me when she returned to her desk.

BUT this was all at the end of August and there was almost nothing since then, at time of writing (23/jan/2000), apart from black guy saying "crazy" at Surfside post office.... but that might not have been MI5


writing this 8/Feb/2000 in Clapham, London.

Got back to the UK last Friday morning 4/Feb/2000 on the overnight AC flight from Ottawa. Unhappily MI5 have been after me again for the last week I was in North America. Even worse I didn't manage to record what they were doing so I am without proof.

Incidents; at Surfside library, the crappy woman had been "got to" and in turn she got the other (middle aged woman) librarian to smile. They both smiled. They made no sound and in any case I don't think I had the minidisc with me. Nothing else recently at Surfside library though, mostly cos I was avoiding the place the last few days in Florida.

Nothing at all in Surfside post office - quite odd, since I was going there all the time in late Jan/2000 and you would have expected MI5 to target it.

A worrying phrase from John the Package&Ship man; "I may have been wrong about you", after he offered and I accepted for me to pay him only $50 for a year's mailbox service. I don't know whether he meant his being wrong about offering the mailbox to me too cheap; or whether MI5 had got to him in the final few days of January, and he was revising his opinion of me as a decent person. Or whether he was subsequently using the former as a cover for the latter. Anyway, I put on a display of honesty over the emails with the $12 customs charge and his rosy view of me is restored.

Three politicians at least during my six months in Miami, all on TV, and the last two worryingly both in the last couple of weeks. (a) bastard Jeb Bush, Florida Governor, brother of George W.Bush, on one of the two days I was in the Clarion hotel in early autumn 1999, as Hurricane Floyd approached and missed. He was in Tallahassee, briefly on TV talking about Hurricane Floyd, and he had a stupid smile on his face which was incompatible with the forthcoming hurricane. I took his smile to indicate he'd been got to and was laughing at me. The hotel TV didn't have VCR so I couldn't record it, and I didn't try to get the recording from the TV station, not least because I can't remember which station it was. (b) Bill Clinton, in the second half of Jan/2000, talking about Elian the "little cuban boy". He was covering his face to stop himself smiling, steepling his fingers over his lips, talking about the "little cuban boy"; presumably MI5 have been up to their paedophile habits again and presented me to Clinton as a little boy to be abused. (c) (John?) McCain, Republican presidential hopeful for 2000. Just after (?) the New Hampshire election which he won against George Bush, smiling the usual smile and smirking about the internet and McCain2000.com

Don't have recordings of any of the three TV politicos above.

Can't remember any other happenings from the last two weeks of Surfside.

TRAVEL: I was expecting trouble during travel to Canada, stay in Canada, and travel to London, and was armed with minidisc and single use camera. Unfortunately very little happened. At the duty free at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Int'l Airport, in the entrance area before going through control, black woman said "talking to myself, talking to myself" before I could switch on the minidisc. I switched it on, then returned, and got her saying "I am two, I am two" (sz=two) in response to Japanese man's "I am 17" joke. Captured "I am 2" on minidisc - but not published on website.

Nothing on plane to Ottawa. Nothing in Ottawa. Nothing on plane to London.

Got tube from Heathrow T3 to Clapham South. Was expecting trouble hence minidisc. I think there was a group of young people at Heathrow-T3 saying "something wrong with him" amongst themselves, but they were saying it quietly and I didn't feel like provoking them. Nothing after that.

Today is Tuesday 8/Feb. Nothing much since I got back. I think Mike Peck (son) was shouting quietly something anti-social from the front of the house a couple of days ago, but I didn't understand or record what he said. I got worried on the bus from Balham yesterday, but with minidisc of course nobody said anything clearly.

They're trying, but the minidisc is working its magic.

Here are a few more incidents of harassment from Feb 2000.

writing this 14/Feb/2000 in Clapham, London.

been a bit bad this weekend. Started Friday morning 11/Feb/2000 with Tarrant's laugh on his morning programme. Then went to Croydon with mother to make dental appointment (no probs), buy trainers (no probs) and buy a watch. I was recording the entire trip on the minidisc. Went from Clapham South to Balham by tube, then train to West Croydon, walked around Croydon town centre, had lunch, mother went to market and I went home by train from East Croydon.

Detected two possible problems during this trip. First was at Balham tube station, in the ticket-machine area, thought small girl and her mother might have said something nasty - but I couldn't hear it clearly, and on the minidisc it wasn't particularly clear. So we ignore this one.

Second and *very* clear incident was in H.Samuel's jewellers in the Whitgift Centre, where we went to buy a new watch. Staff were OK, but they made us wait 20-25 minutes while they took links out of the bracelet and then further tightened the bracelet. While they were doing this, two black youths came into the shop, one of them said quietly but clearly "pr.." and they immediately left. I don't think they either talked to the staff or even attempted to look at or ask about any goods in the shop. Unluckily I had the minidisc-microphone inside my coat pocket since I didn't want the staff jumping to conclusions, so although what the black "bastard" said was clear, after I returned home and reviewed the minidisc I couldn't hear it, and deleted the contents. So they've got away with it again.

No further incidents on Friday 11/Feb or Saturday 12/Feb.


Sunday 13/Feb/2000, went to see Andrzej Choroszewski at his parents house at 76 Bromfelde Road, Clapham North. Arrived approx 2.50pm, left 2.5 hours later at around 5.20pm. Was recording on my minidisc (continuing from street), but unthinkingly deleted the conversation from it after leaving his parents house.

Tone of conversation; generally friendly. He mentioned he'd seen Marek Curtis the previous day (Saturday) and they'd gone to a couple of big bookshops in central London. He asked me to help him uninstall some software from his computer and after feeding with coffee and pierniki I did so; upped the freespace to over 300MB, for him to install MS-Office from Marek.

But much of the conversation was very unsettling. It's clear that MI5 have got to him, and presumably Marek too, and have been telling him nasty things about me. I remember years ago, maybe 1991-92, going witn Andrzej in the West End, and his repeating a comment from my home about "wouldn't they'd think he'd mind" or closely similar remarks. He's also made pointed remarks about the internet a couple of times - I think he's had an inkling before this of what was going on, so he wasn't too shocked when MI5 fed him nasty-tasting stuff about me this time.

Contents of conversation; first thing I think was about an hour or 1.5 hours into the conversation, when he asked me, unconnected to anything else, "do you know anything about the CIA and FBI?" I muttered a negative and asked him why he'd asked me this question. He made some sort of half-hearted answer.

Can't remember the rest of the conversation, but it's pretty clear that he and Marek know about my website, and MI5 have been after them in the time I've been away, trying to pry them away from me. This is all consistent with the general situation of MI5 doing nothing from Sept/1999 until around 23/Jan/2000 in MB, and then employing massive resources, from a slow start in MB but particularly since I got back to London.


Resumption of Fax Campaign targeted at Parliament;

by 23/Jan/2000 I was so convinced that MI5 had left me alone permanently, that I resolved to make the weekend of Fri-21/Jan/2000 to Sun-23/Jan/2000 the last during which I would sent faxes through TPC to UK MPs. During successive weekends 28-30/Jan/2000 and 4-6/Feb/2000 I did not send a single fax to UK MPs. Unfortunately MI5 has refused to allow me to cease sending faxes, and has applied great pressure in the last three weeks, after the faxes were stopped. Unhappily this means I have to start sending faxes again, which I did not want to do. This weekend 11-13/Feb/2000 I have again send some 400-500 faxes, some 84 of them from the NoDemon list directly from my computer, to UK MPs, and now that MI5 have shown their usual perfidy, which I really should have been able to predict in January, I do not see the conditions for any cessation of the fax campaign.

Events from February 2000.

thurs 17/feb/2000, the day win2000 release, went to Croydon for dentist's appointment. mother went separately since she was going to stary Kessling's funeral in the morning. I was expecting trouble so carried the minidisc walkman recording all the time, as usual.

only a couple minutes after leaving our house, still in Englewood Road, there were two youths walking in the other direction, one of them said with a smile on his face something like "put it in" or "pussy"; I didn't quite recognize what he said at the time, and reviewing the minidisc recording it still isn't clear. I am 100% sure it was about me, from what I think he said, from the smile on his face, and from the following (read on). I "harrumphed", and he ("the following") said something which I didn't catch at the time, but sounds on the minidisc like "wanker".

Nothing on train, nothing at the dentists, possibly something at another table at Debenhams but they were talking quietly and I couldn't catch them.


at the time of writing, Friday 18/Feb/2000, I have been off all meds bar sleeping pills since 2/Feb/2000, so over two weeks. It ain't so bad. Yesterday got a bit fearful in Croydon, but it passed. Got a bit of OCD with checking stuff - possibly bounceback from seroxat withdrawal; but I don't feel depressed. Could continue indefinitely in the current state. See how the weekend (Saturday Jim/Julian, Sunday Marek) and next week goes.


writing this very early morning sunday 20/feb/2000 MI5 have again been trying very hard to wreck everything today (saturday) went to croydon, to pub (crown & sceptre) on junction road, S. Croydon NB I don't have minidisc recordings for any of this. on the train from balham to west croydon via norwood junction, two indian girls sitting next to me, one to other "pr". group of young girls got on along the route, laughing on platform, then went down the train through the carriages and sat in seats behind me - I moved to far end of carriage; could not hear what they were saying. on the way to the pub, from west croydon to junction road, thought several people were getting at me along the road. at the pub, saw Jim around 8pm, everything was OK for 45 minutes then Julian turned up and Jim launched into a long monologue which I ignored. I did not detect any comments from other pub customers. Julian: "He was a hate figure". Jim and Julian getting at me throughout the evening. Later Jim to Julian in the car; "is yours an important job?". Jim: "foreigner", "pr"; "Stuart and I may be parted...." (which is what I had been thinking the previous few days) I think both Julian and Jim have been got to by the persecutors. This evening has been an accident waiting to happen for a long time. They got to Stuart in 1991 and he betrayed me ever since, particularly in 1992. very sad, but inevitable. on Englewood Road just before reaching home; two English youths, "shitty, very shitty". (aren't they just.)


writing this 7:38pm sunday 20/2/00 saw marek today for squash down Balham. he said nothing out of the ordinary and nobody else said anything to me. saw marylka and lusia, look ok. very quiet day, no events at all. still off the pills.

In February 2000 I restarted taking the medication which I had suspended for a while.

writing this on 23/feb/2000

stopped taking all pills on Wed 2/Feb/2000, that was last day. up til that time had been on 10mg zyprexa and 40mg seroxat, and went "cold turkey".

it's been three weeks without pills. I will start taking them again this evening 23/feb/2000.

*** what's happened in the last month: MI5 have attacked me severely for the last four weeks (month), both in Florida before I left, and before I stopped taking the pills on 2/feb; and in England after I got here on 4/feb. been in London for almost three weeks now and MI5 have been attacking me consistently.

consistent attacks on radio, my walkman in the upstairs room, every time I switch on the radio they can tell which station I'm tuned to and get the presenters to abuse me. on heart they were talking about the paedophile who was shot dead in London a few days ago and sniggering "apparently he was a paedophile". Chris Tarrant, see 2000\tarrant.txt. Trip to Croydon on 11/Feb, they followed me into H.Samuels with abuse there. Andrzej C. they've "told about" me, his family is jealous and he started getting at me the last time we met.

also they've got to Jim in particular; see febagain.txt. They haven't got to Marek yet, but I fear that it's only a question of time.

Starting to have problems with mother, she sees I look angry and asked today (wed 23/feb) if I was angry with her - I said no.

neighbours haven't got at me at all. On usenet nobody talks to me any more. on #dl-bar went there "Session Start: Mon Feb 21 21:12:18 2000" and they somehow "guessed" I was MC; went there again yesterday Tues 22/Feb and it was quiet as the grave, nobody wanted to say anything - they've been got to.

*** how I feel now after 3 weeks off the pills: surprisingly well. in 1992 I was having trouble with my voice, then in june 1994 when I went to Canada for six weeks without any pills again had problems with excessive paranoia and voice refusing to "behave". Tried going off pills again for three weeks about three years ago and after 3 weeks (ish) again had some "internal" trouble. This time, after 3 weeks, physical appearance and voice doing 100%, internal trouble almost entirely absent, with exception of excessive anger/hate which is much the result of last 10 years and last month in particular. i think I may be a lot saner than MI5 would have me think; i suspect that I could stay off the pills indefinitely now, except MI5 would use that to keep getting at me, and naked anger/hate would lead to trouble with remaining friends and mother.

.... which is why I have to go back on the pills again this evening. I just can't afford to lose any more people. if I were on my own, somewhere remote in Canada or the US where MI5 couldn't find me and stoke the embers of my anger, then I think I'd do mostly OK. to my surprise I think i'm basically sane. But here in London with them following me around all the time and attacking me and my friends, i need the pills to shield me from the reality.

*** strategy from now on: lost my school friends, inevitable I guess given MI5's manipulative capabilities. No future in the UK - I've know this for years now. Solution; quit and run away. No job, so no tie. Go to someplace in north America and try to disappear quietly. They left me alone for five months in Surfside, although now I see why - they could easily have gone after me much more than they did, but I can see that they do not want a speedy conclusion - they want a continuation to keep their jobs.

i haven't tried hard enough to really get away from them. I'm worried it might cost a lot of money to be a transient, and quality of living might be substantially impaired - and they might be able to track you anyway, if they put as much effort into the US as they have here. But the juncture has arrived at which to bite the bullet and try to evade.

flog the house, put mother in DCC with her friends. then make a better effort to evade them.


writing this on 25/feb/2000.... been taking 2 pills each olanzapine/seroxat for two days now - feel "better", anger & ocd removed. could manage on 5mg olanzapine/day.

A couple of incidents in March 2000.

2/march/2000, they seem to have given up harassing me for the time being went with mother to cinema in L.Sq yesterday, then chinatown, no trouble but I suspect this is because they don't want us to sell the house and me to move back to Canada/US


9/march/2000, continuing quiet; yesterday builders in Englewood Road were trying not to laugh at me.... but that is exception to the rule, generally everything has gone quiet again 4.30pm, seems to be absence of quiet now; in mother's room, some young guy loudly shouted "barmy" from the street

A Policeman from Parliament called regarding the faxes I had been sending.

Subject: An Inspector Calls
Newsgroups: uk.misc,uk.legal,uk.politics.misc
Organization: Toronto Free-Net

Today at noon Detective Inspector David Walsh of the Houses of Parliament Police called me after another weekend's faxing of MPs. He asked me if I knew anything about the protection from harassment act, and some other postal communications act, and told me to desist from further faxing, otherwise I'd be "arrested" and "put away for a long time" (!!). Apparently it's an offence to keep faxing someone even if the communication itself is not offensive in content - which sounds a bit ropey to me but I don't want to chance it.

Now it seems to me this is another opportunity to try to get the police on my side. If only they wanted to, they could chase up the BA list from 1993. If only they wanted to, they could identify that bastard Alan wossname from the Civic hospital.

Or perhaps I should ditch my irrational trust and realize that the police have zero interest in pursuing my case. I think I realise that now.

MI5 left me alone in Florida, then they abused me when I was in London.

Unfortunately MI5 continue to act in bad faith. They left me alone for almost five months while I was in Miami; then, when I was in London, they went after me all the time in February.

In March/April 2000, they left me alone again; now, Sunday 7 May 2000, they have been after me again three or four days. Yesterday in Clapham Junction, got called "homosexual, they can make him anything they want". Yesterday evening some guy shouted out "pr" outside our house.

This is still going on ten years after it started. Whenever MI5 make an implicit assurance that they have left me alone, they lie. In January I believed them; now I realise my mistake; next time, a little more planning and purpose, and don't believe them when they make an implicit assurance of leaving you alone, because you know they are "buggers", their behaviour is sexual, which means they will always restart after a few weeks.

they are trying to spin this out for as long as possible. Don't believe them when they leave you alone for a while; they will always be back.

Here are some events from June 5, 2000 (Monday).

met Andrzej Choroszewski for lunch in Leicester Square went to Wong Kei's then on to the Empire (?) L.Sq to see U-boat (US) movie

three clear incidents during that journey;

(1) at Wong Kei's discussing my proposed trip to Florida with Andrzej I said "I don't really know if I want to go" and he found this very funny, couldn't suppress his laughter for a minute or two

Conclusion: Andrzej is a bit of a shit. He thinks it's funny they're doing me down. He even tried to rob me of 7.50 during the trip; eventually gave me back 5, robbing me of only 2.50

(2) in the cinema, black guy working in food counter there, pointing to his head and indicating "mad"

(3) on Victoria line southbound tube somewhere between Victoria and Stockwell two (? think so) blacks and one white kid, blacks "she's a pr, s.w.w. her" recorded this on minidisc

I flew to Miami in June 2000.

writing this on 19 June 2000

today I left London and went to Miami FL, flew AA flight was full (because of overspill from Saturday's UK airports crapout) AA offered $500 for people to cancel their seats, I chose not to. went to Heathrow by minicab with mother, spent a couple of hours at Heathrow

everything OK this morning, no identifiable incidents; thought perhaps a couple of people in the cafeteria at Heathrow, but couldn't hear anything clearly

everything OK on flight. thought perhaps people in seats in front of me were talking, but again couldn't hear clearly.

see \america\customs.txt for INS/Customs at MIA, benign

hotel, Beach Plaza Hotel, 1401 Collins Ave, South Beach, malign took taxi from airport; driver didn't have change for $100 so I went into the hotel to change a $100 bill; the two youngish early 20s cubanos in reception broke into almost laughter upon seeing me. they'd been got to.

this is quite worrying because I only made the booking on Friday, with Travel CUTS (Chiara, north American desk) and confirmed it Saturday. so MI5 must have moved bloody fast to pick up on T-CUTS on Friday/Sat, transmit the stuff to Miami and search out these guys and motivate them against me.

In July 2000 I was in Winter Park.

4/july/2000, a holiday here in the USA, staying in Orlando FLA at the Fairfield Marriott (Winter Park) at the intersection of Lee Road and I-4.

Listening to 101.1MHz FM radio station. WJRR. around 8.10 to 8.25 pm, dj started going on about his demented mind, then "monkeys" which he said "I'm saying this in the nicest possible way"..... reflecting what I'd said in my room (room 343) the previous night.

The bastards are back. Independence day. Not from MI5.

Obviously they're not going to leave me alone this time round.


6/july/2000, the day I went to Disney/MGM

evening, in the Black Angus restaurant of Holiday Inn Kissimmee Downtown, group of four English (Irish?), two men and wives, one of men said to the group, "he's a psychopath, look how he stares at us", one of the women said something about "keep your voice down"

This may, or may not, have been a deliberately planned MI5 provocation; Holiday-Inn had an authorization on my credit card the previous night, and I am fairly sure (due to previous incidents, Ottawa Aug/1999) that they are watching Scotia-Visa; so they might have put these people there by design. Or it might be random chance; so many English people know, it could have been an accident.


today is 8/July/2000, last afternoon-night (Friday 7/July/2000) I moved into Summer Chase and rented a bed immediately; no trouble so far with staff here, or other residents, or shop staff

it'll be interesting to see if MI5 leave me alone like they did in Miami or if they go after me again


writing this on Thursday 27/July/2000

went to Orlando downtown today, by bus. In downtown, "don't drink the water" restaurant, thought group of office women at another table might have been saying 'swwh' - but unsure. Later, on Church St (?) man, Merkin, loudly shouted word which sounded like 'wh'.

Returned to apartment at Summer Chase. Around 6pm, girl sat down cross-legged on path in front of apt, sat there for 10-15 mins, took off some item of clothing under her overwear. May have been a provocation.

I suspect MI5 are back. Hampered by walkman being lost on way to Canada, sent it off 3 weeks ago and nothing arrived there.

On 1 Sept 2000 an MI5 agent masturbated publicly outside the window of my apartment, and was caught on video; see Evidence area of website.

today is 2/sept/2000.... yesterday, friday 1/sept/2000 there was another sexual incident in front of my apartment in Winter Park.

see 2000\july2000.txt for the first incident with the girl on 27/July/2000

yesterday, around 3.30-3.40pm afternoon, a guy stood on the path outside the window, apparently wanking himself off in public. he had his right hand in the right hand pocket of his shorts, and was either doing himself, or pretending to.

Got this on mini-DV cassette. He can be seen running away furtively after I bang on the window. It is towards the end of the currently unlabelled Miami cassette from 2000.

This sets a pattern, the girl from 27/july/2000 and now guy 1/sept/2000 Further incidents will be recorded on videotape. The girl was an incitement to masturbation, and the guy is one of theirs, intended as humiliation. Luckily got this guy on videotape, so we know what one of theirs looks like.

I returned to the UK, and these notes pertain to November 2000.

today is 2/Nov/2000, Thursday

as expected, the persecutors have been after me again these last few days unfortunately, nothing on minidisc, because they've kept their voices low and background noise masks signal; also, I am not even completely sure of what they say, even live during their saying it

here is what I think has been going on these last few days; got back on the morning of Sunday 29/Oct/2000. nothing on plane, as far as I can tell, but that is not surprising since the flight was arranged at only two days notice and was completely full, in fact overbooked. Didn't notice anything at Heathrow. On the tube going home, there might have been a couple of people saying something, but I couldn't tell. A day or two later, Mike C-Peck next door neighbour's kid said "wh" through the wall, but quietly so it probably wouldn't have been recordable even if I recorded which I didn't.

Yesterday Wed 1/Nov/2000, went to Hammersmith/Ravenscourt Park with mother to visit father's ashes at Boboli. Tube trip there and back OK I think. Only unpleasantness was in the Polish restaurant/deli, not POSK but on the same side a little further down. Usually it's deserted; this time there were three Polish guys there aged twenties, one of who kept saying "wariat". He said it quietly so it wouldn't have appeared on the minidisc, I didn't even bother to check the recording just erased it; I wasn't even sure I was hearing it myself, although these guys seemed known to the waitress who said to the offensive guy "ty jestes okropny". Asked mother at the time if she was hearing anything and she said no.

Later yesterday evening, maybe 5pm-ish, went to end of Englewood Rd, couple of coloured girls, "swwh"... I think, but without minidisc and unclear because of heavy traffic noise.

Today, 2/Nov/2000 went to HarleySt doctor, all ok on way out and at consultation, but returning, at Clapham South station, just outside station entrance, black guy talking into his cellphone, "wh" again too quiet to appear on minidisc, and wasn't recording anyway.

In November I was insulted by Johnny Boy on Virgin Radio, who said I was soaking up abuse "like a sponge".

today is 20/Nov/2000, Monday

on Friday 17/Nov, Johnny Boy read out an email, which described a Hipster as a "lower class dandy dressed like a pimp". He kept on about this. Then on Saturday 18/Nov, he again repeated this, and said Hipster was just soaking up abuse "like a sponge". I have this on tape. Probability, maybe 30%

MI5 celebrated the death of the old millenium by shouting abusing into our house.

today 31 December 2000, last day of the old millenium

this evening around 8pm, I was watching TV in my mother's room, some guy downstairs shouted "pr","ku" at the window. Upset.