This part of the website covers the legal action brought on my behalf by solicitors Bates Wells Braithwaite in 2003 before the Information Tribunal. I instructed these lawyers in 2002 and they conducted a case purely on technicalities at the insistence of their lawyer "Liar" Simanowitz, who told me the substance of my case did not matter; the only priority was to "Save You Money". They took almost 34,000 from me before they were through, and they menaced me for a further 6,000 before dropping the case. At the time of writing (July/2008) I am pursuing a case against them with the Law Society's Legal Complaints Service for them to either conduct a substantive case properly, or to get my money back. These lawyers have been thieving and completely unprofessional and I am disgusted with them. They ruined the hearing of November 2003 when we had a chance to state our case, all for the purposes of grabbing my money and holding on to it. In retrospect they planned it all from the beginning because Simanowitz was offensive to me at our very first meeting, and they have sought to bring the case to a close on the grounds of my alleged incapacity despite numerous doctors' letters stating that I have capacity to instruct lawyers.

The contrast with American lawyers could not be greater. I was very happy with the American lawyers who carried out cases for me in Seattle and Orlando. They did not thieve from me and conducted themselves professionally.