Introduction to BWB files.
Appeal to Information Tribunal 2002
Initial appeal to the Information Tribunal during winter 2002-03.
Appeal to Information Tribunal 2003
Before the July 2003 hearing.
Before the November 2003 hearing
The lawyers scarper, then sink the appeal.
Proceedings in 2004
After the November 2003 hearing.
BWB 2005
Proof of Capacity.
Complaint against Tim Pitt-Payne
Complaints to his chambers and OLSO.
Complaint in February/2006
About Simanowitz's poor performance.
Communications with Ansari 2006
Preparing the DPA case.
Further Communications with Ansari 2006
More preparations of DPA case.
Yet More Communications with Ansari 2006
Yet more preparations of DPA case.
Barristers' Opinion, and Competency Questions
Barristers try to expand the scope of the action.
Letter to Stephen Lloyd
Exchange with BWB's senior partner.