Jeffrey Gordon Solicitors
Not known to law.
Ottawa Civic Hospital
MI5 agent Alan Holdsworth.
My First Summons against BBC
Suing for Nuisance by newscasters including Buerk and Lewis.
My Second Summons against BBC
Second attempt to sue the BBC.
A letter from MI5
"If you have been the subject of MI5 inquiries, complain to tribunal."
MI5 Deny!
Security Service Tribunal says "no determination in your favour".
MI5 Deny Again!
Interception of Communications Tribunal says "no contravention of Act".
BBC's Ariel staff magazine
Gagged by editor Robin Reynolds.
Private Eye magazine
MI5/BBC Conspiracy, now appearing on a news-stand near you.
Bindman's, Solicitors
Unable to assist or advise, says Robin Lewis.
Surveillance Sweep
Counter-surveillance sweep by Nationwide Investigations Group.
Home Office won't comment
Home Office's MI5 Liaison's comment is, "No comment".
MI5 Tribunal
Nick Brooks dodges difficult questions.
Charing Cross police
The Police will not investigate MI5.
Keith Hill MP 1997-99
Correspondence with Keith Hill MP, 1997-99.
Keith Hill MP DPA SAR
Data Protection application to Keith Hill MP, 2002.
Eye Say classifieds 2002
Constant complaints ignored and stifled.
Orange County Sheriff's Office
Complaint about Masturbating MI5 Agent.
Orlando Police Department
Complaint in 2006 about attempted homicide of Nov/2001.
TSCM Sweep
Bugsweep by Steadman's team.
Eye Say classifieds 2006-07
They tried to kill me, and I complained.
BBC's Ariel staff magazine 2008
They allowed my MindControl Torture classified.